About MJ

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As the youngest of 5 children, with the nearest sibling 13 years his senior, Cory Hull often tagged along behind his mother in the garden.

“…Mum was a very keen and a very good gardener. As a kid I watched her singlehandedly build up her half acre garden in central Victoria out of the rubble from our newly constructed house to a beautifully lush and immaculate garden. Each area was well thought-out, shaped and reshaped; stone pathways, wooden sculptures, arches, brick edging and a huge variety of plants.”

“Our only source of water on the property was from rainwater tanks and a nearby dam. During summer on extreme heat days, Mum and Dad would collect water twice a day in 45 gallon drums placed on the back of the ute and hand bucket throughout the entire garden.”

With 25 years’ experience in nurseries and maintaining commercial and residential garden contracts, Horticulturist Cory established MJ Landscaping & Gardening in 2010. An acronym for Muriel Jean, MJ is named after Cory’s late mother. It is her he credits with instilling in him a love of landscaping and gardening.

“I’m very proud of what Mum achieved, particularly when you take into account the conditions. The hard work Mum and Dad did to keep the plants alive didn’t just see those plants survive, but thrive.”

It is the same pride he feels when standing back to look at a client’s garden that he and his team have either just created or maintained. He is acutely aware of the work it takes to raise a garden from nothing and the knowledge required to keep it in peak condition long after.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else.”