Design, Construct & Maintain

MJ Landscaping & Gardening, constructs and maintains landscapes and gardens that are as individual as our clients.

We design, construct and maintain both Residential and Commercial gardens and landscapes. We use our passion, experience, commitment to lasting quality and a careful consultation process to create and maintain the garden or landscape that is right for you.

Residential Gardens & Landscapes

Many of our residential customers across have established gardens which we maintain or redesign & reconstruct.  We also work with people who would like to give their garden or courtyard area a makeover as well as couples and families who are landscaping to compliment their new build.

When we design a garden for a couple, an individual or a family, we know that every garden is different and needs to last many years and many phases of life.

It’s an area to be enjoyed and, for maximum enjoyment, it needs to reflect you and your personality.

Across our design, construction & maintenance services, our approach focus’ on helping you achieve your vision for your garden.

Our careful consultation process coupled with our experience and commitment to quality, value for money and long term beauty means that you get the garden that is right for you.

Commercial Gardens & Landscaping

Our commercial landscape and maintenance services are perfect for commercial clients.

We work with clients who have a small area of garden or a courtyard such as service stations, pubs, restaurants and office complexes that need a hassle free maintenance service or would like to have an established garden refreshed.

Our landscape services are also used by commercial and residential developers who require a landscape design and construction service for a new build.


All images on this site are properties that MJ Landscaping & Gardening maintain.